working & breathing in Berlin

I coach and consult private people & organizations in personal sessions, workshops and seminars.

Based on your challenges, needs and interests we work with specific exercises & methods that emphasize your Mind, Body & Breath.


Psychological Well-Being & Mental Training


Physical Fitness, Awareness & Mobility


Respiratory & Breathing Coordination



Psychological Well-being & Mental Training


» Psychological coaching to define, engage & overcome personal/professional challenges and conflicts.
» Exercises to unfold and strengthen mental resources (i.e. attention or creativity).

Systemic Coaching | Stoic Practices | Mindfulness Meditation


Physical Fitness, Awareness & Mobility


» Improvement of strength, endurance, flexibility & mobility.
» Refine awareness for the states and needs of y
our own body.
(i.e. positive discomfort vs. negative pain)

Tabatta Training | Acrobatic & Martial Arts Drills |
Functional & Mobility Exercises



Link between Mind & Body


» Cultivation of breath techniques that clear airways improve your applicable in daily situations pattern.
» Benefits are a great daily vitality,
stronger immune system, longer endurance & healthier sleep.

Pranayama Techniques | Buteyko Breathing | Wim Hof Method

Real (& some not so real) References

In only 2 weeks I gained approx. 34,3% brain mass using Christian's mental training method! Finally I can think about all the things I always wanted to think about! Thx!
Your dear friend,

Elon Musk CEO, Tesla

Christian's 4-hour Mindful Leadership training was a great addition to our program. He built this exciting topic with humor, knowledge and a wonderful mix of theoretical input and practical interaction. We are looking forward to the next training session. Many thanks Christian!

Jessica Hopp
Jessica Hopp CEO, On—Purpose

I attended one of Christian's Mindfulness Meditation seminars and now I can't wait to live in the moment! Namaste Chris

dalai Lama
Dalai Lama CEO, Buddhism

In Christian we've found a multi-talented and professional consultant. Excellent preparation before -, and inspiration during his workshops. We've always achieved great results with him and were able to place a completely new service in the field of employee mobility on the market based on one particular workshop we did together.

Christoph Barth Head of Marketing, nextbike

I always had motivation problems until I met Chris. On a psychological level our coaching really help to reframe current problems into challenges. On an athletic level we significantly increased my performance by using my stuck-out tongue for better aerodynamics.

Michael Jordan CEO, Chicago Bulls

During the Sustainability Days-Event in Austria I hired Chris as coach for 2 Design Thinking Challenges lasting several days. Very quickly he not only took away the teams' hesitation of working with agile methods, but also motivated so that they even won the events.

Silvia Rathgeb
Silvia Rathgeb Director of Next-Gen Innovation Network, SAP Austria

Hands down, always been my most favorite son!

Kornelia HĂ€nchen His Mother

I was really impressed by his Design Thinking seminar. Chris really knew how to engage the class and adjust to spontaneous changes. Throughout the 2 days nobody was overwhelmed with the new information and techniques we learned. It was a great experience which I would like to do again. All the best, Ahed

Ahed Abugabah
Ahed Abugabah Professor for Information Systems, Zayed University United Arabian Emirates