Christian Hänchen [krɪstʃən ˈhænʃən], masc., left-handed, Libra | 1) Psychologist & Systemic Coach who genuinely enjoys helping people to not only to overcome their challenges or solve theirs conflicts, but also to unfold and foster their potential. 2) Personal Trainer who covers a wide range of exercises reaching from side kicks, handstands & muscle-ups, to lifting and carrying all those boxes correctly when you move into a new apartment on the 4rd floor and don’t have any real friends. 3A visiting lecturer who teaches Design Thinking at HMKW University of Applied Science. 4) An ambitious millennial who‘s fascinated by martial-arts, art, artificial intelligence and  alliterations.


The 3 pillars of his work as Psychologist & Coach for Physical & Mental Development evolve around:

They are the software, hardware & electricity of our existence. Because these 3 are inseparable connected, neglecting one part will influence the others. Conversely, the more mind, body & breath harmonize, the greater the synergy between them. And the greater the synergy, the stronger the foundation to live a good life.