Personal Development


„Not only is your mind the basis for everything you experience in life, but also for every conscious contribution you can make in the lives of others. Given that fact, it makes a lot of sense to train it.“

I made the above conclusion in the aftermath of a profound experience I had on Oahu, Hawai’i in 2013. My newfound fascination for the human mind and interaction with others made me explore fields like sociology, psychology, philosophy or neuroscience. During the past couple years, I synthesized many theories and ideas from those fields into various lectures, presentations and workshop formats in the context of personal development.

🧘‍♀️Mindfulness & Self Awareness

Thinking is not the problem. But thinking without knowing that you’re thinking, that’s the problem. – Sam Harris

I gathered my knowledge from my studies, personal practice and online courses and seminars (MBSR) to conceptualize this 1 day workshop format. It’s a combination of input-presentations, group discussions and exercises, providing participants with a general understanding of the concept „Mindfulness“, human thinking processes, stress management and self awareness. Depending on you I will adjust the content to your needs (Mindfulness at work, Leadership, Martial Arts, etc.).

🤔 Survival of the Stoics

You are not troubled by the events, but by the meaning you give to them. – Epictetus

This Workshop is about the ancient philosophical school from 300 B.C. and its usefulness as an operating system for stressful situations and struggles in our daily lives. Aim of the 4-hour workshop is to recognize and break destructive patterns of thinking and to enable you to act on what can be acted upon. Just like an entrepreneur, it’s built for action, not endless debate. The workshop includes a curated collection of stoic quotes, fear setting and reframing exercises.

🗣🤬 Having Difficult Conversation

You can disagree with another person’s opinions. You can disagree with their doctrines. You can’t disagree with their experience. – Krista Tippett

Although we often try to avoid them, often it is the difficult conversations that are important for our well-being and personal progress. The seminar provides useful frameworks that give you greater perspective of the dynamics of interpersonal conversations. Participants learn negotiation methods and tools to define and improve their individual conversation style. It includes Harvard Principles of Negotiation, respectful disagreeing and active listening exercises.


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