Kleider. Machen. Leute.

Agile Apparel for people with disabilities

In cooperation with the HTW Berlin, I was hired by Prof. Janina Urussowa to organize and facilitate the kick-off event for her R&D project Kleider.Machen.Leute (Clothes.Make.People). The aim of the project was to develop clothing solutions which address needs of people with disabilities without neglecting fashionability. We organized the event as a co-creation workshop in which we brought together many important stakeholders who defines challenges, developed ideas and presented first prototypes.

The teams explored a range of aspects from special needs of fabrics to the actual buying experience for people with disabilities. A variety of user-centricity inputs, empathy exercises and research methods broke down barriers between designers and models, and established common ground on which the rest of the project could be built on.

``The project was not only about creating clothing prototypes, but also about showing results to the fashion community and interested public to promote inclusion in the fashion industry as well as in society. Christian’s insightful and entertaining workshop concept was ideal for that and contributed to our mission in a great way.``

JaninaUrussowa BW
Prof. Janina Urussowa Fashion Designer & Founder of Bezgraniz Couture