The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Spectrum is a method for building innovation teams in organizations. It leads through 4 essential stages including vision, skills, roles and values. The 1-day process lays the solid foundation to transform a group into a successful innovation team.

Spectrum was one of the biggest project during my time at the Innovation & Design Lab AppHaus Berlin. The initial challenge was to create a tool that supports the „People“ dimension of the 3 innovation areas: People, Process and Place.

The result was a method for building innovation teams, which highlights the „spectrum“ of personalities, roles and skills necessary for an innovation team. In the 6-month project, we used my psychological expertise to design the aspects of the method concerning team personalities, values and role-definition. The project gave me the chance to do a deep dive into current best practices and research regarding innovation teams and team dynamics.


Want to know more about the project? Email me at info@christianhaenchen.com.
For official Spectrum Workshops please contact the SAP AppHaus Berlin.