Aloha, I’m Chris.

In 2013, I had an experience on a small island in the Pacific Ocean, which kicked off quite a developmental journey. I became fascinated by the complexity, mysteriousness and power of the human mind. Because of its profound influence on our behavior, well-being and social interaction, I dedicated myself to those areas along my academic and professional career.

During my Psychology studies and Design Thinking education at the HPI D.School, I engaged topics like motivation, meditation, creativity, collaboration and team dynamics. I realized their practical relevance in todays swiftly changing organizational cultures and further centered my work around those topics at the Innovation Lab AppHaus Berlin from SAP. That way, I gathered much experience in teaching Design Thinking and other Innovation methods as well as gave workshop within the domain of personal development.

Especially Mindfulness Meditation became more than just an interest. I established a daily practice, attended seminars and studied the phenomenon also through the works of Daniel Goleman, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, Sharon Salzberg, Matthieu Ricard or Joseph Goldstein. In 2017, I gathered my knowledge to conceptualize my first 1-day workshop format.

Ever since, I try to provide the best possible learning experience for whoever I work with. Because of my multi-disciplinary background I really enjoy working with a variety of clients including start-ups, martial arts Dojos, high schools, but mostly in organizations – always adjusting the trainings to specific needs of the client.